Danielle Stavi | Tel Aviv


Danielle Stavi was born in Israel to a believing family and grew up close to Tel Aviv. At the age of 16, she went through a trying time, and understood that she didn’t really know the Lord. Danielle knew about God and what He desired of her, yet followed her own path. In 2009, at an army preparation conference organized by believers, Danielle realized that a life without God wasn’t worth living. She understood that He couldn’t be reached through her deeds, but only through the sacrifice made by Jesus. Suddenly, God filled her emptiness with joy, and even gave her boldness to share regularly about Him during her two years of army service. Danielle then participated in an intensive discipleship course and volunteered in a Christian hostel for backpackers in Amsterdam, before earning her B.A. in Social Work at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. During the summer breaks, in the midst of her studies, she joined Jews for Jesus’ Massah (Journey) program where a team of young believers adventure to India and South America to meet with Israeli travelers and share their faith. In 2018, Danielle officially began working under the new Mekomi outreach of Jews for Jesus Israel. This group specifically reaches out to addicts, the homeless and prostitutes. With her education in Social work, Danielle is especially equipped to head up this new ministry focus. The group serves the street population with a goal to meet needs in the short term with hope for long term impact; Ultimately, Danielle desires to help others have a deeper revelation of who God is and to be bold in proclaiming Him as Lord of their lives.

Sobibor’s Sock Knitters
Author: Heatherly Walker

Knitting is just a hobby for me. But in the Nazi death camp of Sobibor in Eastern Poland, knitting saved several Jewish women from death.

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