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Maxim Ammosov

Born in Moscow, Ammosov is Jewish and has a PhD in optics and atomic physics. He received Jesus as his Savior in Quebec, Canada, in 1994 and joined our staff in 1998. Maxim's wife, Olga, came to faith at the same time. Maxim directs Jews for Jesus in Moscow, with Olga working part-time as an outreach worker. The Ammosovs have two daughters, Katya and Liza as well as a son-in-law and a precious grandson.

Ilya Khaimovich

Outreach Worker

My name is Ilya Khaimovich. I serve as an outreach worker to my Jewish people with the Jews for Jesus ministry . I joined the ministry in 2000 in Moscow, and I can clearly see how the Lord supports me in this ministry, leading people to the Savior and granting them salvation. Apart from direct evangelistic work, I am also part of the music team of the Moscow branch. We sing and play in the Shabbat meetings that we hold weekly and in the concerts that we organize on major Jewish holidays. I am also involved in leading special Bible studies for young Jewish adults, along with a missionary from the American Southern Baptist Convention. We want to draw the attention of these young people to the Messiah of Israel and the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ. In our meetings, we find unbelievers who would like to study the Scriptures and young Jewish believers who would like to learn to minister to their unbelieving peers. I am married and have two daughters: Liza (7) and Leah (10 months). My wife is the Secretary of the Baptist Union of Moscow. She and I also serve at the Central Baptist Church as part of the Sunday choir worship.